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Façade solutions: how can you improve the insulation and appearance of your home ?

Edilians Group specialises in roofing and home insulation.
We offer innovative solutions to improve both the protection and energy efficiency of homes.

Edilians Group’s façade solutions

Edilians Group offers a comprehensive range of façade cladding solutions that suit all needs and architectural styles.
Whether it’s for your new-build or renovation projects, our façade solutions allow you to combine aesthetics and insulation.

Façade cladding

Drawing on the expertise of Edilians Tech (formerly Profimo), we offer façade solutions:

  • For cladding
  • For hydraulic coating
  • External thermal insulation (ETI)

Façade solutions keep your home insulated by keeping it perfectly impermeable and protecting it from pollution.

Good insulation, whether on a roof or a façade, helps combat energy loss and contributes to the durability and comfort of homes.

Clay cladding

Clay cladding gives a warm, natural look to a home.
It is valued for its durability and its ability to improve a home’s thermal insulation.
Clay tiles are also environmentally friendly, contributing to more sustainable living.

Clay tile cladding offers a number of advantages:

  • It doesn’t require any special skills to install; in fact, installing it is very simple and the steps to follow are similar to those for roofing;
  • Because it’s so lightweight, it’s comfortable to handle and easy to use;
  • It’s one of the most economical solutions on the market.
    By using the same material on the roof and the façades, you limit the number of people and machines needed on-site;
  • It’s easy to maintain.
    Brushing is all that’s needed to remove any marks left by bad weather.

Our façade solutions offer your home a perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and energy performance.
At Edilians Group, we’re proud of our age-old expertise in roofing and insulation!