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With local roots dating back 200 years and with nine regional appellations, France’s leading manufacturer of clay tiles has developed a comprehensive range of roofing components through a strategy based on innovation and acquisitions.

Edilians is currently a leading brand in France for clay roofing, energy renovation, and photovoltaic solar energy.

Edilians house product lines

A rich portfolio of ranges

Edilians has the Group’s broadest portfolio of ranges, enabling us to provide our network of partner artisans and their customers with a complete offering for flawless projects!

This offering includes comprehensive ranges of products for:

Solar energy: a priority for over 20 years

Twenty years ago, Edilians developed the first photovoltaic solar roof tile.
Ever since, the brand has continued to add to its offering with a complete range of products for sustainable, energy-producing roofs.

Helping artisan roofers to go solar is now our real driving force!

Edilians offers 5 ranges of solutions for residential photovoltaics:

  • solar tiles and slating,
  • solar panel integration systems for pitched roofs,
  • systems for mounting solar panels on overhang roofs,
  • systems for mounting solar panels on terrace roofs or on the ground,
  • photovoltaic canopy systems for building façades.

Edilians: strong local roots

Edilians has factories located close to clay quarries,
providing a superb opportunity to limit transport and reduce our carbon footprint!

By respecting each region’s traditions and distinctive character, the company is helping to preserve France’s architectural heritage.
This is a genuine source of pride for Edilians’s 1,450 employees.

Our regional appellations:

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Do you have a clay roofing project, an energy renovation project for your home, or a project to install photovoltaic panels or solar tiles?

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