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Our HR policy – Edilians Group

Our HR policy is based on deep-rooted values that are shared by all, with the aim of promoting the professional fulfilment and development of our employees.
We’re convinced that our talents are the key to our success and that their engagement and satisfaction are essential if we are to continue to grow.
With this in mind, we strive to create a working environment that’s caring, inclusive and conducive to everyone’s personal and professional development.

Our Group is built on strong values!

Edilians Group’s values are what guide our actions and decisions:

Team spirit: friendliness and professionalism blend together to create team spirit at Edilians.
This is based on the cooperation, mutual respect, and kindness of all.

Trust: autonomy and creativity are encouraged, illustrating the importance of every member of our team.
Trust is based on transparency, work ethics, and responsibility whilst abiding by rules.
Our strength lies in a management team that is close to our employees and attentive to their needs, with cross-functional units that encourage internal promotion and development.

Leadership: we affirm our LEADING status and are the benchmark for our customers and the eco-housing industry.
Results, innovation and services are delivered through the ambition of our employees.

Culture of excellence:we encourage a collective commitment to achieving ambitious objectives, capitalising on everyone’s skills to make us the industry benchmark.

By working on the energy transition, we can nurture a sense of pride among our employees, partners and future staff members.
Because we care about the well-being of our employees, we strive to maintain and improve good quality of life and optimum working conditions for all our staff members.

Recruitment at Edilians

Our recruitment process, which is mainly based on discussions, gives each candidate the opportunity to gather as much information as possible, so that they can have a clear vision of their future position and understand what will be expected of them in terms of both technical and interpersonal skills.
Alignment with our values is a fundamental criterion for successful recruitment and onboarding.

We start from the principle that the recruitment interview is the first managerial act.
The process is therefore based on a rigorous approach carried out by recruiters that consists of structured interviews aimed at assessing the match between the skills required and the employee’s profile.

We believe in diversity and inclusion, and we are dedicated to building a diverse team representing a wide variety of backgrounds, personalities and experiences.

A strong culture of integration

We take care to ensure that all new recruits receive support and have access to a rich, structured onboarding programme, enhanced by our e-learning platform.

Work placements: a gateway to professional integration

Work placements are part of Edilians Group’s DNA and have been a key factor in the Group’s success.
Every year, more than 40 students are recruited into the Group; this includes holders of vocational aptitude certificates as well as individuals with up to five years’ post-secondary education, accounting for almost 4% of the total workforce.

We offer a wide variety of exciting careers in both France and abroad.
We give our employees the opportunity to progress throughout their training, by entrusting them with empowering tasks in all the company’s major functions: industry, sales, IT, maintenance, marketing, finance, human resources, etc.

At Edilians Group, we can work together to build a sustainable future!

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