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Tejas Borja: a century of know-how

Tejas Borja is a leading Spanish brand of ceramic roofing products.
Combining traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Tejas Borja produces clay tiles extracted from the best quarries in the Mediterranean basin.

The art of made-to-measure solutions

By constantly investing in new technologies and the robotisation of the tile manufacturing process, Tejas Borja became the first company in the world to manufacture a large flat tile with an innovative format (5 units/m²).
This innovation earned it the RedDot Award in 2019, which constituted a great victory for its teams, who were ready to take on new challenges!

Constant investment in R&D is at the heart of Tejas Borja’s work, and customer satisfaction is a top priority.
Inkjet technology is used to create finishes on tiles that have never been seen before in the sector.
This technological breakthrough offers an infinite number of possibilities for customising roofs and façades to meet all our customers’ expectations!

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Extended range, reduced impact, the path to sustainability

In addition to its ceramic tiles, Tejas Borja offers:

As a brand committed to innovation and energy efficiency in buildings, Tejas Borja has a comprehensive range of products intended to help save energy on roofs while producing clean energy.