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Rainwater harvesting : innovative solutions by Edilians Group

Water is a rare commodity.
And yet the average person uses 150 litres of water a day.
This means that using innovative solutions to harvest rainwater is no longer a trivial matter.

The various types of water recovery solutions

Edilians Group is constantly investing and innovating to provide you with technical, aesthetically appealing and reliable solutions capable of meeting all your needs and simplifying your daily life.

With a broad selection of gutter materials, colours and profiles, our rainwater evacuation range offers a wide selection of options to meet the expectations of professionals, with complete, high-performance systems that are easy to install.

At Edilians Group, we offer a variety of rainwater harvesting solutions to suit every roof:

  • Gutters to collect rainwater on the roof;
  • Downpipes to channel the collected water downwards;
  • Accessories to help the system blend in perfectly with the architecture of the roof.

At Edilians Group, we support artisans and their customers at every stage of their roofing projects.
Our expertise, commitment to quality and concern for the environment make us a trusted partner.

Developing sustainable solutions is part of our CSR commitment.
We are dedicated to selling solutions that have a positive impact on environmental objectives.