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Our brands

Edilians Group is the result of mergers between several major eco-housing players specialising in roofing and building envelopes.
Discover the Edilians Group brands.

Our brands

The various Edilians Group brands are recognised as trusted suppliers due to their rigorous production processes and their commitment to sustainability.
They offer reliable and aesthetically appealing roofing solutions for projects of all sizes, ranging from private homes to the most demanding architectural structures.


As an eco-housing company, Edilians provides and manufactures innovative solutions and complementary products for roofs and façades, designed to offer sustainable protection for the home.
The company has developed a complete system offering by creating synergies between tiles and all the other aspects of roofing: solar energy, insulation, ventilation, sealing, and rainwater collection.

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La Escandella

La Escandella specialises in the manufacture of high-quality clay tiles, combining tradition and innovation.
With decades of experience under its belt, this Edilians Group brand has high production capacity for its various product ranges, meeting the varied needs of all construction professionals.

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Tejas Borja

Tejas Borja, a leader in the ceramics sector, has specialised in the manufacture and marketing of high-quality roofing products in Valencia, Spain for over a century.

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Umbelino Monteiro is a Portuguese brand belonging to the Edilians Group. It was founded in 1959.
Specialising in the production of clay roof tiles and accessories, it offers products that are equally suited to the preservation of traditional buildings and to more innovative concepts.

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Edilians Group’s unique roots in France give it access to a wealth of age-old know-how, based on the specific nature of the soils in each region, which give our sites their uniqueness and have always forged our identity.


The integration of a Portuguese brand since 2019 has enabled Edilians Group to considerably expand its business and export capacity.


With its Spanish brands and their outstanding production capacity, Edilians Group can meet the varied needs of all sizes of construction projects, whether in Spain or abroad.

An international reach

Drawing from its strong presence in more than 14 regions of France, Edilians Group also operates in Spain and Portugal, through well-known brands; it thus distributes its products in 105 countries.

Our brands

Brand presentation

Edilians Group and its brands stand out for their commitment to eco-housing and energy renovation.
Sharing common values and a clear mission, the Edilians Group brands work in synergy to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions, with an emphasis on the use of sustainable, recyclable materials with a low environmental impact.

Their solutions contribute to the creation of buildings that are healthy, energy-efficient and comfortable for their occupants.
The constant pursuit of excellence in products and services is a core value shared by all Edilians Group brands.
This approach ensures that every project meets the highest standards in terms of performance, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Latest news and achievements

13 September 2023

Placing ethics and excellence at the heart of our business

Because it is fundamental that we conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, we work every day to identify…
11 September 2023 in CSR

Commitment to decarbonisation

We are convinced that the future of our homes also depends on the future of the climate. That is why we are pursuing ambitious goals to reduce our direct CO2…
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10 September 2023 in Action

Controlling our environmental impact throughout our value chain

As a manufacturer, if we take our raw materials from nature, it is a resource that we have a duty to protect. From extraction to the delivery of our products,…
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1 September 2023 in Action

Preserving ecosystems and biodiversity

Our future and the acceptance of our activities depend above all on the fragile equilibrium of ecosystems. We are committed to protecting the fauna and flora of our sites by…
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1 September 2023 in Article

Committing to a sustainable future

Edilians Group was born of mergers between family-owned businesses, SMEs and mid-caps. Together, they forged a culture based on people and deep-rooted values. This culture is at the heart of…
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