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Meet our employees

Our employees are our best ambassadors!
Read their testimonials to learn about what they do and what they’re passionate about.

QSE (Quality, Safety, Environment) Manager

Diane Boespflug

Diane joined the Quincieux site in July 2021.
We are proud to see women like Diane working in positions of great responsibility.
Diane has been – and continues to be – instrumental to the Group’s success.

“What do I like the most? My days are never the same! I love taking on new challenges and ensuring that my employees have the best possible experience!”

Mechanical Maintenance Operator

Stanislas Maillard

Stanislas Maillard joined the Group for an internship in 2020.
After a very successful first experience, he joined the EDILIANS team as a work experience trainee.
In 2023, his contract came to an end and it was only natural that we offered him a permanent position.
And what a surprise it was for us to learn that Stanislas is none other than the grandson of André Roger, who was Operations Manager for the Saint-Geours-d’Auribat site in 1983.
This wonderful family story is perfectly in line with the Group’s values!

“Grandpa often talked to us about the tile factory. He passed on his knowledge, his passion, and his values of work and family, all of which I recognise at EDILIANS. I’m very moved and proud to follow in his footsteps by working on the Saint-Geours-d’Auribat site”.

Laboratory Manager

Elodie Boiteux

Elodie Boiteux has been working in the central laboratory in Limoges since November 2019.
She and her team analyse the raw materials used in the manufacture of roof tiles.
The tests carried out in the central laboratory help to predict the behaviour of these materials and ensure they won’t alter the manufacturing mixtures.
She’s also called upon by production sites facing manufacturing problems.

“Making sure our analyses can be understood by operational staff is essential. That’s why I run a training session on clay and ceramics for all new employees every year”.

Senior Tile Product Manager

Mathieu Bohnert

Edilians trusts its employees: respect, listening and responsibility are strong hallmarks of the company.
I chose to join Edilians because of its dynamism, its agility and its business plan, and because the company trusts and recognises all its staff members.
Electromechanical maintenance worker

Catherine Hug

Catherine Hug joined the Group in March 2020 after earning an Undergraduate Diploma in Technology (DUT) in IT and industrial electrical engineering.
On a day-to-day basis, she’s responsible for ensuring that the two production lines run smoothly, from the arrival of the raw material to the palletising stage.
She maintains and repairs the equipment all throughout the process.
At EDILIANS GROUP, she’s been able to develop her skills by taking part in a variety of training courses.

“What do I like the most? Solving a problem and finding the right solution. It’s very satisfying to be useful”.

Geologist at SFA

Fabien Record

Since January 2019, Fabien Record has been ensuring that our industrial sites in the South-Central zone have long-term sand and clay resources.
He’s also in charge of quarry prospecting and opening legal files.
This is an essential position, considering that it takes at least five years to obtain a licence to operate a quarry!

“I’ve been doing this job for our company since 2012. It goes beyond the technical aspects of our business. I don’t manage my projects from A to Z on my own. The final decision always lies with the site that will be sourcing from the quarry. This remains true for methods, where I make the quarry managers aware of new approaches”.

Electromechanical maintenance worker

Rémi Delavaud

Rémi Delavaud began his Edilians adventure as a trainee; he then continued on an apprenticeship contract.
In September 2020, he officially joined the Group on a permanent contract as an electromechanical maintenance worker.
His career path has been marked by a number of experiences within our company, reinforcing his know-how and his attachment to this fascinating profession, which he’s been practising for over a year on the Phalempin site.

“Team cohesion is what enables us to carry out maintenance operations successfully and in good humour. I see us as a family, and that’s the best way to achieve something unique”.

Human Resources Director

Sébastien Blanchon

Being in charge of human resources for a Group whose employees are caring, passionate and engaged and who are always looking to progress is extremely pleasant and exciting.
Edilians Group has a clear view of its commitments and wants to give itself the means to succeed.
CSR is part of our DNA, as reflected in both our motto and our actions in the field.
Working on the energy transition cultivates pride in belonging and gives meaning to the work of every employee, every partner and every future team member.
Communication & CSR Director

Sandy Hurel-Le Corre

Edilians is a company with a real sense of human values.
I could tell this right from the recruitment interview.
There’s a lot of caring and a real human touch.
Communication and CSR professions are new, and Edilians Group challenges me to take on exciting projects that are just waiting to grow.
Sales Director

Frédéric Fabien

I’m responsible for supporting our strategic orientations, one of whose main focuses is the development of overall solutions for eco-housing.
I’m very proud to be part of a Group that’s recognised for its commitment and its ability to innovate and help customers carry out their projects.
In line with our growth strategy, we intend to continue expanding our portfolio of overall solutions, especially for eco-housing, which is at the heart of the energy transition.

You too can become part of an ecological revolution by joining our teams specialising in the improvement of housing.
Take a look at all our job offers or send us an unsolicited application. We’ll be delighted to see what we can build together!

At EDILIANS, we’re proud to help our staff grow and see them flourish.
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