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Eco-housing: Our solutions

At Edilians Group, we believe in the importance of protecting the environment while providing comfortable and aesthetically pleasing homes.
We use our eco-housing expertise to address the major challenge of decarbonising the European construction sector, in line with the European Union’s 2050 carbon neutrality roadmap.

Sustainable, eco-friendly solutions

Eco-housing refers to a way of building, managing and using homes that aims to minimise the impact on the environment while providing the occupants with a healthy and comfortable place to live.

Eco-friendly housing or eco-housing is a major trend, driven by increasingly stringent environmental regulations for new-build properties and now extending to the renovation market.

By 2030, renovated housing will meet high-performance renovation standards, with low energy consumption and low carbon emissions.
It will come very close to the standards for new housing.

At Edilians Group, we apply these principles to sustainable roofs:

  • Effective thermal insulation,
  • Use of sustainable materials,
  • Use of renewable energy,
  • Efficient water management,
  • Indoor air quality.

Our eco-housing solutions

Today, for Edilians Group, eco-housing includes a roof with a high level of insulation and a solar system.

Because energy autonomy is an important current issue, the Group provides you with the most comprehensive solar range on the market:

  • Integrated solar panels,
  • Superimposed solar panels,
  • Solar tiles

These solutions meet a dual need: reducing energy expenses and striving for self-supply.

As a pioneer in the solar tile market, we are constantly innovating to offer products for roofs, façades and exteriors that are just as effective as conventional solutions.
They combine aesthetics, airtightness and perfect modularity, to suit all projects and all styles of roofs, for both new buildings and renovations, including in classified areas.

Photovoltaic tiles

A solar clay tile has all the features of a regular tile, but with the added bonus of solar collectors!

Our solar clay tile is a revolution when it comes to renewable energy.
It combines solar collector technology with the authentic charm of clay tiles.
We have managed to integrate a photovoltaic collector into a clay tile substrate.
We make it easier for artisans to do their job, while preserving the traditional aesthetic appeal of roofs!

Volt, a solar tile solution developed by La Escandella, is the result of extensive research into solar energy.
Featuring a durable design with an aluminium frame and tempered glass, this solar tile stands out due to its superior efficiency and resistance to the elements.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and make your eco-housing projects a reality.

Together, we can build a greener, more energy-efficient world!