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Roofing solutions : protect your home with a high-quality roof

Today, 30% of a building’s energy losses occur through the roof.
This is the number 1 source of losses for homes.
Reducing them requires a well-built, well-ventilated, well-insulated and airtight roof.

The various types of roofing solutions

At Edilians Group, we offer a wide range of roofing solutions to meet all regulatory, architectural and aesthetic requirements.

Our solutions are innovative, responsible and durable:

  • clay tiles,
  • solar products,
  • façade solutions,
  • airtightness,
  • roof insulation,
  • rainwater recovery,
  • roofing accessories.

Developing sustainable solutions is part of our CSR commitment. We sell solutions that have a positive impact on environmental objectives. Our trades are evolving, and trades throughout the industry are changing to meet these challenges.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are an integral part of the Group’s DNA. Our tiles are very noble. They are made with clays close to our production units in France, Spain and Portugal.
They guarantee optimum quality and a very high level of resistance to the elements. Clay has been used for thousands of years and is recognised for its excellent resistance and durability.

We have developed several ranges of tiles and colours to meet your needs, including:

  • large single Roman tiles,
  • large interlocking profiled tiles,
  • canal tiles,
  • flat tiles,
  • small profile tiles,
  • cladding tiles.

All our clay tiles are the result of time-honoured know-how of which we are proud.

At Edilians Group, we support industry professionals and their customers at every stage of the construction or renovation process. Our expertise, commitment to quality and concern for the environment make us a trusted partner for all kinds of roofing projects.