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Jobs and careers

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Internal and external mobility

At Edilians Group, we believe in every individual’s value and in their potential for professional growth within our companies. We provide our employees with opportunities for internal mobility and career development whatever their position!

We encourage our employees to broaden their skills and explore new horizons.
Because we operate on the international scene, career opportunities open up in our various subsidiaries and production facilities to enable employees to:

  • develop their technical skills,
  • gain managerial responsibility,
  • specialise in a specific field,
  • broaden their scope of knowledge.

I joined Edilians on a 2-year work-study contract at the head office, in the Human Resources department. After a year and a half of apprenticeship work, I moved to the Sainte-Foy-l’Argentière site and was hired on a permanent contract as an HR correspondent to follow on from my initial contract.

Maureen JUENEdilians Sainte-Foy-l’Argentière HR Correspondent

Jobs for all profiles

We attach great importance to jobs in the field and in the factory. Our production teams play an essential role in the manufacture of our products.
Working on hands-on projects, from earth to roof, is an immense source of satisfaction for our field staff.

Although manual occupations play a central role in our business, Edilians Group offers a wide variety of jobs and career paths to suit all profiles:

  • Production
  • Health, safety, quality & the environment
  • Technical expertise and innovation
  • Support functions (marketing, communications, IT, finance, etc.)
  • Project management
  • etc.

Our employees are men and women who are passionate about their work and our products.
They are strongly attached to the company and its values.
At least 75% of our employees hired for permanent jobs lived within 40 km of our factories in 2022. Looking back at our history, many of them have come from family-run businesses that were bought by the Group. The majority of our employees are men, but we are working to increase the number of women in our teams.

Sébastien BLANCHONEdilians Group HR Director

Structured career paths

Our aim is to have a more structured approach than before, in line with the Group’s growth. This approach includes an induction programme for new employees, as well as skills development throughout employees’ careers in the form of training programmes.

The Group is currently in a very interesting transitional phase. With acquisitions on the Iberian peninsula, and with new markets like solar energy, we’re moving on from the tile business to something much bigger, which has yet to be invented. And that’s really very motivating. This is creating new jobs and building synergies between different occupations, so that everyone can make their own contribution.

Virginie GENDREFrance Human Resources Director

Together, we can work to build a sustainable future!

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