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Insulation and airtightness: Edilians Group’s innovative solutions

Roofs have a direct impact on the overall energy performance of buildings.
Airtightness, insulation and ventilation are all important factors in creating a high-performance, long-lasting roof and combating energy loss.
We innovate to provide you with comprehensive, effective solutions.

Our different insulation and airtightness solutions

The main sources of heat loss in a building are the roof and walls.
By ensuring airtightness, you’re helping to provide occupants with a high-performance, healthy and sustainable home:

  • Thermal performance and improved energy assessment
  • Health and indoor air quality
  • Indoor comfort in summer and winter, and noise insulation
  • Building conservation

We offer a complete range of ventilation systems to maintain a healthy home. We also offer an extensive range of highly vapour-permeable roof underlay membranes that meet all requirements:

  • Roof waterproofing membranes: prevent water and air from entering, and protect the attic from all external aggressions.
  • Vapour barriers: limit vapour diffusion, which can lead to mould and energy loss.
  • Rain screens: protect external insulation installed as cladding against water infiltration, and allow vapour to escape from inside the home to the outside.
  • Airtightness accessories.

At Edilians Group, we are proud to support artisans and their customers at every stage of their new-roof and energy-efficient renovation projects.