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Edilians Group: committed to a sustainable future

Edilians Group encompasses Edilians in France, La Escandella and Tejas Borja in Spain and Umbelino Monteiro in Portugal. On all our sites, passionate and remarkably talented men and women work together to develop solutions for building ever more sustainable homes. That’s our corporate purpose. And it’s an ambition that motivates us every single day!

A Group with human values

Following mergers with family-owned businesses, SMEs and mid-cap companies over the years, people have become deeply rooted in our DNA.

Respect and listening are essential and in line with our values, which are as follows:

  • Team spirit,
  • Trust,
  • Leadership,
  • A culture of excellence.

Protecting health and ensuring safety are also some of the Edilians Group’s top priorities – not only for the physical integrity and wellbeing of our employees, of course, but also for the moral and social responsibility of our company.

This hallmark is reflected on a daily basis in our relations with our partners and stakeholders. As a local European group, we have established an overall organisational model rooted in our regions. We offer personalised support and attentive teams, and we constantly strive for continuous improvement to boost our collective performance.

Our innovative solutions

At Edilians Group, our aim is to provide products and services that combine performance, sustainability and aesthetic appeal.
Our expertise stems from the legacy and traditional know-how of several brands specialising in roofing and building envelopes: Edilians, La Escandella, Tejas Borja and Umbelino Monteiro.

Our local network and our commercial presence in over 100 countries on all five continents have made us a leading European player in the construction and renovation of building envelopes.

Our international brands’ varied areas of expertise all converge towards the same goal, which is to provide innovative, resilient and sustainable roofing solutions geared towards energy efficiency.

This ambition is also reflected in our motto: EDILIANS GROUP SUSTAINABLE ROOFING

In keeping with our corporate purpose, we create innovative roofing solutions that improve quality of life while preserving the environment for future generations.

Pascal CASANOVAChairman of Edilians

A vision that focuses on the future

If we want to be around in 100 years’ time, we need to start innovating today!
This means innovating to sustain and modernise our production facilities and above all to meet society’s expectations.

At Edilians Group, we take a more holistic approach to eco-housing, thinking of homes in terms of their interaction with the outside world. Our goal is not only to offer excellent products – it’s also to use natural resources in a renewable way and offer comprehensive roofing systems.

Research and innovation play a central role in all our projects.
We are guided by a desire to manufacture tiles with the lowest CO2 footprint on the market and the highest resistance. We are investing in new kiln transformation technologies to reduce energy consumption by at least 30%.

Our ambitious decarbonisation plan is one of the main components of our strategy. But it’s not the only one: CSR is a long-term commitment, established as a continuous improvement process and integrated across the board in our business model.