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Training policy – Edilians Group

At Edilians Group, we are convinced that employee training is a matter of responsibility and a major driver of performance.
Our training policy aims to enhance our employees’ skills and knowledge, so that they may excel in their respective professions.
We are committed to offering training opportunities to support the growth and professional development of our employees.
Particular attention is paid to safety and prevention, which remain major concerns in our sector.

Edilians Group’s training policy

Integrating and training our employees and helping them grow are the three priorities reflected in this policy.

The main objective of our training policy is to ensure the professional development of our employees, by giving them the tools they need to succeed in their jobs.

We aim to:

  • Strengthen skills: from technical training to our management programme, by way of soft skills, we are committed to providing the training needed to develop our employees’ skills.
  • Encourage innovation: curiosity and the quest for performance are an integral part of our business!
    We therefore encourage our employees to stay at the cutting edge of technological advances and best market practices.
  • Promote internal mobility: we offer training and development programmes to prepare our employees to move up to positions of greater responsibility.
    By doing so, we foster the professional growth of our team members.
    This is essential if we are to retain them and help them grow!

These training initiatives boost the performance of our teams and support the Group’s ambition to be a leader in its sector.

We are committed to providing an environment that is conducive to learning and the development of skills, enabling our team members to thrive.
This policy is based on the principles of continuous learning, excellence, and collective and individual performance.

The aim of our training policy is to support the company’s growth and ability to innovate by providing training in roofing systems for our employees and customers.
Based on our expertise, our range of training courses is constantly evolving to reflect the development of our products.
It was also with this in mind that Edilians Group created the EDILIANS ACADEMY!

Digitisation of learning

For several years now, the Group has been in the midst of a profound digital transformation, where the digitisation of learning has been a top priority.

We have developed an e-learning platform that gives our employees access to a wide range of content; some of it is open to all while other content is more targeted and has been developed as part of a specific skills development plan.
These training modules cover technical, managerial and corporate aspects.

Career management

Edilians Group not only offers training – it also helps employees manage their careers and build their professional future.
Edilians has established a management process that enables employees to determine their objectives, evaluate them, and define a personalised development plan during discussions held throughout the year.

In addition, a knowledge and experience transfer plan is drawn up every year at Group level to identify strategic experience-related skills upstream and continue to capitalise on them in the long term.
This involves succession planning by the transferor and the learner.

With a view to continuous improvement and trainee satisfaction, each of our training courses is assessed through on-the-spot and follow-up questionnaires.

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