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Edilians Group at the heart of Europe

As a key player in the European roofing industry, Edilians Group is proud to have operations spanning the entire continent.
Today, continuing to cross borders is a challenge we’re ready to take up!

Very strong local roots

Preserving our architectural heritage is part of our DNA.
That’s why we regularly fund projects and donate tiles.

For example, since 2019, we’ve been helping restore the Notre-Dame de Bellaigue monastery in the Puy-de-Dôme department of France.
This exciting project will run over a period of 10 years. The first phase started in 2019 and will be followed by two more, in 2024 and 2028.

For the time being, our projects are mostly carried out in France, but we’re looking to develop this type of initiative in the regions where our Spanish and Portuguese brands are located.

Our locations in Europe

Edilians Group operates in several European countries.
The Group recently acquired three family-run businesses: Umbelino Monteiro in Portugal, and Tejas Borja and La Escandella in Spain.
All these companies boast a high level of traditional craftsmanship.
Their tiles are renowned for being of the very highest quality.
Just like Edilians, each of these companies has a strong national reputation and exports to over 100 countries.

Family and human values are at the heart of their business and are one of the pillars of our Group strategy!

We also recently increased our capacity for innovation in terms of decarbonisation, by integrating Ceritherm.
This engineering company, which has around 20 employees, is a French manufacturer of industrial kilns (Haute-Vienne) and an expert in innovative industrial thermal equipment.

Operations across the ocean

Edilians Group currently exports to several international markets by boat.
La Escandella, for example, has made a splash in Australia, where one of our partners considers the brand’s tiles to be its best product.

We have modern production facilities and sales offices in some key regions.
This enables us to provide innovative, high-quality solutions to our customers throughout Europe.
Whether it’s in France, Portugal or Spain, our aim is to make life easier for our roofing customers, so they may better serve their private customers.
This is an objective we’ve achieved, and it’s one that makes our teams proud!