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We are convinced that the future of our homes also depends on the future of the climate.
That is why we are pursuing ambitious goals to reduce our direct CO2 emissions per tonne produced by implementing a plan to decarbonise our activities and continuously improve our energy efficiency.

Our decarbonisation plan

Launched in 2021 as the cornerstone of our commitment, our decarbonisation plan aims to reduce our CO2 emissions per tonne produced by 30% by 2030, through a major investment plan to:

  • reduce our consumption of natural gas;
  • start replacing natural gas with alternative decarbonised fuels.

Joining EDILIANS Group has given us the resources and opportunity to make an even greater commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions and, more broadly, our environmental impact.
Whether it’s in terms of investments or certifications, we are fully aligned with the Group’s strategy to work together and make collective progress.

Pedro Valente, Directeur Général, Umbelino

A target of -2%

In 2022: -5.5% direct carbon emissions per tonne of tiles produced (in France, compared with 2021)

In 2030: -30% direct carbon emissions per tonne of tiles produced (at Group level, compared with 2021)

Investing in green, decarbonised electricity

Electricity accounts for a significant proportion of our energy consumption.
In this area, we want to take action to maintain and develop renewable energies, both through a responsible purchasing policy and through our self-supply ambition, with the transformation of our assets into dedicated electricity production areas (solar farms).

+34% compared with 2021
+5% compared with the target

In 2022, 63% of our needs were met by the solar electricity produced on our tile manufacturing sites or in our quarries in France

By 2026, we hope to meet 85% of our needs with solar electricity

By 2030, we hope to meet 100% of our needs (for the same scope)