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We are convinced that the future of our homes also depends on the future of the climate.
That is why we are pursuing ambitious goals to reduce our direct CO2 emissions per tonne produced by implementing a plan to decarbonise our activities and continuously improve our energy efficiency.

Pursuing our quest for environmental excellence

At a time when environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important in our societies, we see our role as a leading European player in sustainable roofing as a great responsibility.
Our commitment to decarbonisation is central to our CSR policy,
which is rooted in the preservation of our planet and the well-being of future generations.

Clay roof tiles are noble, ancestral products that have always reflected our deep connection with the land.
We are aware of the challenges inherent in their manufacture.
Even though they are made from natural, local materials, their production emits CO2.
We minimise these emissions by being innovative and rethinking our processes.

Although EDILIANS GROUP’s main focus is on reducing our energy consumption, we are also committed to:

  • reducing our consumption of drinking water,
  • preserving biodiversity,
  • using green electricity,
tuile solaire max Edilians

a philosophy and a corporate culture

In practical terms, our decarbonisation plan is based on four fundamental principles:

  1. Optimising production facilities: Just as we are adopting eco-driving to save energy with our vehicles, we are also training our teams to manage our existing facilities in such a way as to drastically reduce our energy consumption.
    Data analysis plays a crucial role here, enabling us to identify continuous improvements.
  2. Sharing innovations: To ensure efficiency, we test solutions before giving them pride of place in our plan.
    Emerging technologies and breakthroughs are replicated across our 17 industrial sites in Europe, reinforcing our collective commitment to the environment.
  3. Research and innovation: We explore innovative industrial processes capable of significantly reducing our energy footprint.
    Our collaboration with external partners and the acquisition of Ceritherm will enable us to build on these advances across the sector.
  4. Replacing fossil fuels: This final principle focuses our efforts on finding alternative energy sources, such as biogas, bioenergy, biomass, and carbon-free hydrogen.
    We are striving for solutions that can be industrialised by 2030, to make our industry more sustainable.

We are proud to be pursuing the ambitious goal of reducing our emissions by 30% by 2030, while preserving the exceptional quality of our products.
This approach requires substantial investment.
Our commitment is not limited to our sites in France; rather, it extends to our new facilities in Spain and Portugal.

This commitment inspires and gives meaning to the work of our teams, who understand the importance of their contribution to this global challenge.
Together, we are working to maximise our environmental performance while optimising our production facilities.

At Edilians Group, decarbonisation is much more than a plan; it is a philosophy and a corporate culture!