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As a manufacturer, if we take our raw materials from nature, it is a resource that we have a duty to protect.
From extraction to the delivery of our products, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact throughout our value chain, in line with the ISO 14001 standard.

From our extraction sites…

We take only what is needed.
To do so, we drill core samples from all of our quarries to learn more about our deposits and avoid mining areas with high levels of barren material or high overburden thicknesses.

Lastly, we optimise the utilisation and preservation of extracted materials by building additional sheds to better control humidity levels.

Maitriser notre impact environnemental our factories...

Our factories are ISO 14001*-certified, ensuring the constant improvement of our environmental performance!

  • We adapt our manufacturing processes by using products with a limited ecological and energy impact.
  • We limit our consumption of water,
    both during the slip coating stage and in our overall production.
  • We try to reduce our tile waste.
  • We control and treat our emissions and discharge.

FOCUS – Tejas Borja recycles 100% of its manufacturing waste!
From clay to wastewater and paint sludge, all waste from tile manufacturing is reused and reintegrated into the process.

Rate of tile waste
(France scope, 2019 baseline)


In 2021


In 2022


In 2025


In 2030

… and our logistics

We reduce waste by optimising our plastic packaging and reusing pallets on all our sites.
Lastly, we limit the environmental impact of our various goods transport operations.

30% recycled plastic in covers in 2022

The equivalent of 900,000 unused pallets in 2022, i.e. over 20,000 m3 of wood (in France)

80% of our volumes produced in France are installed within 300 km from our tile production sites!