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Our future and the acceptance of our activities depend above all on the fragile equilibrium of ecosystems.
We are committed to protecting the fauna and flora of our sites by developing and restoring our lands in a way that favours natural habitats and enriches biodiversity.

On a daily basis, we make it a point of honour to:

  • Avoid areas with major biodiversity issues upstream from our projects
  • Reduce the impacts on biodiversity as quickly as possible in the context of our operations
  • Compensate for our impacts on biodiversity in space and time


The Wardrecques quarry has chosen an ecological, sustainable and responsible solution for the upkeep of its rehabilitated areas.
A flock of sheep from a local farm is responsible for maintaining the vegetation!

Eco-grazing allows us to maintain part of the site without using any chemicals or mechanical mowers.
It also reduces the amount of green waste generated by mowing and contributes to the natural fertilisation of the soil.

Nicolas Gallois Responsable de la carrière

In 2022, 18% of our quarries had a nature conservation initiative (four sites out of 22).
We expect to reach 100% by 2025!

Investing in green, decarbonised electricity

Electricity accounts for a significant proportion of our energy consumption.
Our ambition is to support the internal development of renewable energy and self-supply.
Our solar farms are currently installed in our former quarries and buildings, in areas where little is at stake in terms of biodiversity.

Photovoltaics and biodiversity can go hand in hand!
Inaugurated in September 2022, our new photovoltaic power plant in Gilardoni (Marne) has a dual ambition.
46 of the 73 hectares have been preserved as environmental compensation measures.
With the help of ecology experts, a network of seven ponds has been created on either side of the plant to recreate natural habitats for wildlife and insects, and to encourage amphibians to reproduce.