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While all our main suppliers are assessed annually (in line with the ISO 9001 standard), a Sustainable Purchasing Charter was drawn up at the end of 2022, based on ethical, environmental, social and human rights criteria applying to all our suppliers.
Starting in 2023, the commitments set out in the charter will be monitored using self-assessment questionnaires, which may be supplemented by supplier audits.
A matrix of the environmental, social and ethical issues involved in purchasing flows has also been drawn up and will be filled in for the main purchasing categories from 2023, thus completing our supplier risk analysis.

See the charter

The Sustainable Purchasing Charter formalises the CSR commitments already made by the Edilians Group for our suppliers.
Agreeing to be a supplier for the Group therefore means undertaking to adhere to the same ethical, environmental and social standards that we apply to ourselves.

Astrid Pilet, Purchasing and Supply Chain Director